Shining the light
on your light.

website design +

brand alchemy +
styled environments


clearly transmitting the HEART + SOUL of your offering.


Visitors to your site and your physical space will become devoted fans more readily when they're met with a client-centered, beauty-fueled, easeful experience—where the whole journey speaks to their discomforts and hopes—cleanly, simply, and authentically.

Working with me, you’ll get more than a brand stylist, website designer, and wordsmith. You’ll get an intuitive midwife and alchemist; someone who can see and capture the unique light that you and your business are carrying. And help you transmit that—precisely, viscerally, and accessibly.



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branding +

There are businesses, and then there are businesses who aspire to a whole new game. With an inspired, integrated vision, we’ll launch or reinvigorate your brand from head-to-toe, inside and out.


styling +
design consults.

When branding or rebranding, your online presence is only part of the story. Let’s take an in-depth look at how your physical space can captivatingly carry your brand vision, all the way.


Your business will thrive with a gorgeous online presence. Let’s build you a clean, beautiful, user-friendly new home on the web, crafted with heart and soul and exquisite attention to detail.

writing +

Wordsmithing is more than just writing + editing. It’s about creating a sense of home, opening the door, offering tea. We’ll serve up a bit of enchantment for your dream clients and invite them to stay.

now let’s talk about you!

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A few of my dreamiest clients.

A few of my dreamiest clients.

Your business is heart-centered, and so are you. You’re a bright spirit. A visionary outlier. And, no doubt you’re considered a Jedi Master by your colleagues, clients, and customers.

Cookie-cutter is not your style. You want a business presence that’s truly you. You want a stellar brand that’s way more than a cut above. You want your offerings presented like jewels, in a way that’s unmatched in your field.

You might be the owner of a boutique hotel, spa, or wellness center. You might be a designer, artist, or maker. You may be a boutique owner, a restaurateur, or a vacation rental property manager.

And, as a well-funded start-up or an established business, you know that investing in your company means it’ll take care of you in return.

does this sound like you?

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rave reviews.

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My site finally represents me accurately; I’m proud to send people to it now. Claire intuited exactly what I needed, and made the process smooth and enjoyable.
— Ren Udall, Pilates Studio Owner
If you’re a wellness entrepreneur, I highly recommend hiring Claire to do your site. She understood my vision and brand exactly—even when I was unsure
— Michele Granberg, Mindset Coach

Hi, I’m Claire.

I’m a creative brand stylist, website designer, word nerd, and daydream believer. One of my major joys is getting into The Zone to help clients craft a beacon of light that magnetically draws in their dreamiest clients and customers.

So happy you’re here! I’d love to help you shine. Let’s talk.