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Hi, I’m Claire, and I’m so delighted about the chance to meet you! I’m a brand midwife, spacemaker, website designer, word nerd, and saguaro-worshipping desert girl. I love cheese quesadillas, artisan tequila, and color-drenched decorating.

One of my greatest joys is helping my clients craft a clear beacon of light that magnetically draws in their dream tribe.

When I’m not communing with my sexy MacBook Pro BFF, you can find me nestled in a big pile of colorful cushions with my hubby and our super-duper chocolate Lab, Annie, trying not to binge-watch The Durrells on Corfu.

I work with clients all around the world from my bright + cozy studio in Tucson, Arizona.


As a serial solo entrepreneur for the last 30 years, I've always been hands-on—and very keen to save money. This naturally led to me teaching myself website design and graphic design in the early 1990s. With each vocational chapter, I not only designed all my 'stuff': websites, business cards, flyers, et cetera, I also reinvented my brand vision and message anew from the ground up each time.

I grew into a Jedi Master of imagineering and re-engineering, a deft midwife of new ventures.

It wasn't long before friends and clients started asking me to do the same for them. 

It's grown from there, to today where it's now my main offering.

Along this Renaissance Woman’s sacred path, I've gathered a somewhat unusual and specialized trove of skills, talents, and experiences. I love that I'm able to quilt all of this together to help you brightly showcase the clear essence of what you bring to this lovely world—a world ready and waiting for just that.


“Claire, thank you for inspiring and equipping so many women to their fullest expression. Brava!”

gaye abbott, yoga therapist


illuminatrix. strategist. dreambuilder.

From a tender young age, I knew my role here: to illuminate the path to full creative self-expression and true joy—in all areas of life—for myself and those around me. Since, I’ve spent all my days creating and implementing sun-drenched support structures for real-life dream-building.

As a professional ‘Illuminatrix’, my mission is to shine the light on your light—the precious gifts you bring to the world. As practical strategist, my goal is to equip your business to flourish beyond your most treasured imaginings.

My background includes degrees in Holistic Human Development and Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. For over 20 years, my work took the form of healing arts practitioner, energy worker, teacher, and way-show-er.

I have over nearly 30 years of experience as a professional facilitator and business mentor for various groups, teams, and guilds whose membership has included:


women entrepreneurs • creatives • makers • designers • artists • healing arts practitioners • coaches • consultants • movement educators • healers • jedi masters • self-reinventors •


6 reasons to hire me.

Infinite Possibilities Icon.png

possibility thinking.

For many years, I facilitated Mastermind groups for women entrepreneurs, which equipped participants to blossom and shine. A playful ‘what if’ mindset infuses my approach to any challenges you may want help with.

Love of Words Icon.png

love of words.

While my degrees are in Holistic Human Development and Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, my original major was writing. I paid my way through college as a writing tutor and editor. I've continued to offer these skills as a freelancer since.

Ease and Flow Icon.png

commitment to ease + flow.

My passion for creating flow led to my certification in the art of feng shui—but with a uniquely westernized take. At its essence, western feng shui is about intentionally designing ease-of-experience. I carry this sensibility from the 3-D world to the world of websites, words, and creative content strategy.

Eye for Beauty Icon.png

eye for beauty.

As a visual artist and colorist, I have a natural eye for beauty and harmony which infuses everything I do. Your project will benefit from my commitment to soul-nourishing loveliness.

Attention to Detail Icon.png

attention to detail.

As someone who lives life with sensory processing sensitivity, my nervous system constantly scans and notices elements and patterns others might miss. This innate and exquisite attention to detail aids me in designing the most user-friendly experiences for you, and your prospects and clients.

Bright Ideas Icon.png

entrepreneurial insight.

I’ve been a serial solopreneur for 30+ years. I was a Licensed Massage Therapist and bodyworker/energy worker for nearly 20 years, as well as the founder/facilitator of a successful regional business guild for healing arts practitioners. If you’re in the wellness field, I have an insider’s insight for what it takes for you to be successful.

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6 big loves.


6 factoids.

  • Even though I grew up in New Jersey—Exit 9!—I no longer have a NJ accent

  • I’m a happy hermit homebody, an INFJ, and a 9 on the Enneagram

  • I think yoga pants and fleece are the bacon of clothing

  • As a teen, I wanted to be Thoreau when I grew up

  • My favorite temperature is 'hot car'

  • I believe in the Oxford comma


I’d love to connect and see if we'd like to work together!