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an essence-inspired approach to drawing in your dream client or customer.

It’s a given that a business website needs words + images + structure. It’s also expected that the physical space that houses a business will have signage + a door + furnishings. Most businesses have that much.

It’s also true that if we stop there, we end up with a presence that’s flat and one-dimensional. It’s like a facade of a house with no interior. No fireplace, no kitchen, nobody home.

But when we add in a creative, clear, inspired, and integrated vision for celebrating your singular magic and crafting a destination brand, your business will have no match.


image + brand.

Visuals and experiential elements that align perfectly with your unique essence and personality can tell the right visitors that they’re in the right place—creating fans for life.


voice + vibe.

Your energy can shine brightly and clearly throughout your site—your beautiful heart sending out a clarion beacon that your dream clients feel compelled to turn towards.


message + content.

Your story is your magnet. Let’s uncover the sparkling jewel at the heart of the dreams you have for your business. Let’s place it in the perfect setting for all to see—and receive.


we’ll begin with a series of intentional conversations.


Born from conscious daydreaming and fed by curiosity, these explorations are the foundation for bringing the heart + soul of your brand to life. Allow me to elicit from you what you may not be able to call forth on your own. Then, I’ll transform your site visitor’s journey from a maze into a sluiceway.

Let me translate your abstract ideas about your business into a visual and experiential feast that has new clients and customers bellying up to the buffet. Sound good?


Branded environments.

creative direction.

let’s put your business in the power position for attracting a devoted + gratifying array of clients.

Let’s create a visceral, sensual experience of delight that keeps them coming back for more.

We’ll take an in-depth look at how your physical space can capture and captivate, carrying your brand vision all the way through—to the hearts, souls, and bodies of the folks you’ve set out to woo and wow.

When branding—or rebranding—your online presence and marketing collateral are only part of the story.

Well-suited for a wide variety of businesses in the boutique hospitality, wellness, retail, and lifestyle fields.


we’ll consider your customer’s journey through your space—and their sensory + kinesthetic experience of it.

We’ll examine the subtle clues + the obvious cues to joy-inducing satisfaction, such as:

  • the flow + function

  • the styling

  • the arrangement + layout

  • the color story

  • the signage + wayfinding

  • the acoustics + lighting

  • the movement clearances

  • the energy + vibe

  • and so much more


consultations + full-service packages are available via:
in-person/on-site visits + skype/zoom video meetings


the psychology of space is a rich motherlode.
let’s dig in to illuminate + elevate your brand!

Indiana Aqua 2 - 1024 x 250px.png

kim + stan cohagan

”We've never had the experience of staying in a living, breathing art installation, until now.

This place is a unique intersection of art, architecture, history + love of place—all touched by a light, wryly humorous hand.

Thanks so much for creating this wonderful space—Claire has true gift for creating peace + beauty.”


lynn siefert

“What a brilliant, beckoning, carefree, light-hearted environment. Happiness resides here. Restorative! The colors—wielded like the fauve painters—extend and resonate. Everything is a feast for my eyes. Really impressed with the exquisite attention to detail evident everywhere you look. Can't thank you enough for an enchanted, healing space. You've done it right!
I'm leaving fully rejuvenated.”

Indiana Blue.250pxTall.png

vicki + jim melquist

“Beautiful, bold, bodacious! This place has a wonderful warmth.

We felt truly, completely at home as soon as we crossed the threshold. The lighting was perfect! That is so important to me, as most B&Bs don't have good lighting, or nearly enough of it.

AND such relaxing + meditative outdoor spaces—we tried every one. We're leaving refreshed + renewed.”


ready to
learn more?

let’s hop on an exploratory call.


Let’s talk about your vision for your business! And I’ll share how I may be able to be of service in helping you realize that vision.

There’s no obligation and zero pressure.

Fill out this form and I’ll contact you within 1 business day, via your preferred method of contact, to set up our call.

cell or landline.
cell or landline.
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new websites + redesigns.

Coral Desk Surface

site CRafting.

Work with me and you’ll get more than a website designer and content genie.

You’ll get a possibility-powered midwife, an intuitive alchemist, and an ardent fan.

You’ll find me an agile collaborator, and someone who can ably take the reins.

Someone who can truly see you, elicit your essence, and capture your gifts.

And help you transmit them—precisely and accessibly—to the people who most need your offerings.


design that’s clean + inviting.

packed with personality + purpose.



Intuitive design and common-sense navigation make for good site feng shui that eases your visitor’s experience.



Professionally- polished, ultra-tailored templates, built in Squarespace or Weebly—without the generic look.



Readable + beautiful, no matter the screen size, so mobile visitors won’t abandon your site in frustration.



Your site can easily grow + morph along with your business, giving more mileage to your up-front investment.


you’ve got big ideas.

get help bringing them to light.

copywriting + editing.

Yellow Desk Surface


speaking from the heart, to the heart. It’s something we all crave.

We want to be seen and heard and spoken to. Bringing through your own voice, and allowing your offerings to be visible and received can be an act of love and spirit. There’s beauty and nourishment to be had from good copywriting.

but it can be daunting to write about yourself in that way.

Writing the words for your site can bring up fears and self-doubt. (Inner critic, anyone?) You don’t want to sound like you’re tooting our own horn, or come across as salesy or hype-y. Or worse, exploitative. It’s a tender balancing act. Ultimately, your readers want to feel seen, safe, and informed as they make their purchase decision.


are you frustrated with that blank page staring up at you?


I can help. Actually, I can do more than that.

I can write for you in a way that sounds just like you. In a way that invites your site visitors into feeling like they know you already, seeing that you’re approachable, and sensing that they can trust you. And they’ll feel that they’re part of the conversation—and warmly invited for more.



Your visuals draw people in, but the words are the substance and glue. Your words make the heart connection, creating an opening that says, ‘Yes, stay’.



Words have the most impact when they speak to your visitor’s discomforts and hopes, simply and genuinely. No dead wood, jargon, or manipulation.



Visitors to your site will feel welcomed, invited. Like they’ve been offered a warm cup of tea—or a cool margarita. In your voice. With your vibe.


let’s work together to shine the light on your big heart + your big ideas.

You are a gift to the world.
And the world needs your offerings.

Claire brings her loving presence, inspiring insight, and deep support to the adventure of bringing your dreams to life.
Claire will ignite your sense of possibility and play. I find her genius bubbling in whatever she touches.