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before our chat.

tell me a bit about you.

I’d love to have a sense about you, your business, and your goals before we talk. Go ahead and fill out this questionnaire, and we’ll be able to dive right in.

We can meet over the phone, via video chat—or in person, if you’re lucky enough to call Tucson home.

Brew up a cuppa, and set aside about 30 to 60 minutes for our meet-and-greet. Our time together is at no cost, and there’ll be zero pressure or obligation. It’s primarily a way for each of us to see if we’d be a good fit.

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tell me about your project.

Your responses will help me to generate a Project Proposal + Estimate for you after our meeting. Answer as many questions as you’re able to, and feel free to skip any to which you don’t currently have an answer.

Not a fan of online forms? Fill me in on your project via email instead:

P.S. It’s best to complete the form in one sitting, as it’s not able to save your information.

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