your holistic solution for a cohesive website that feels like you.


If you’re looking to relaunch your website or birth a new business and give it a bright, warm, and welcoming home on the web, I would be delighted to help you!

Let’s marry your sparkly ideas with my super-tailored online presence-crafting—for a place that feels like you, and magnetically draws in your dream clients.



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New Websites

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I’m Claire O’Connor, a website designer, wordsmith, and creative strategy genie. I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs and small business owners, many of whom are women in the wellness field.

Actually, I don’t just ‘work’ with you. I invest in you and your dreams.

I’m so delighted you’re here and that you’re interested in my offerings. I’m excited about the chance to collaborate.


Let’s bring your sweet dreams to life.


have a look around.

This may be your first time exploring working with a professional designer-strategist-wordsmith, so I want to make sure to give you a good look at the synergy that’s possible.

Spend some time exploring my site. And if you feel like we’d be a happy match, let’s meet over tea (or tequila) via video chat (Skype/FaceTime/Zoom) to talk about your wish list and vision.


No matter where you live, we can easily collaborate via video, phone, and email. Picture me waving to you from my home studio nestled in sunny Tucson, Arizona.


Let’s take your business where you want it to go. A zero-pressure conversation is the best way to learn how I can help you shine your light.

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here’s what I’ve noticed in working with high achievers like you:

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You’re very likely a Jedi Master at what you do. But you may not be the best at describing it. You don’t have the time to wrestle with the nitty-gritty vortex of site-building. You’re not sure how to word your offerings.


The world needs your genius.

So I say, delegate.

Let me handle this.
You go do you.

Claire brings her loving presence, inspiring insight, and deep support to the adventure of bringing your dreams to life.
Claire will ignite your sense of possibility and play. I find her genius bubbling in whatever she touches.