rave reviews. 

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Coach + TV Show Host.

Princeton, New Jersey

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michele granberg.

“Claire is a creative web goddess genius. I highly recommend her—especially if you're a wellness entrepreneur. I felt a lot of confidence in Claire bringing my vision and my brand to life. She understood exactly what I wanted—even when I was unsure.”

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Pilates Studio.

Tucson, Arizona

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ren udall.

“Claire keeps blowing my mind in terms of what she knows, and what she’s able to accomplish for me. What makes it even more amazing is that it's all informed by her incredible intuition, her sharp design eye, and her thoughtful thoroughness.”

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Spiritual Counselor.

Monmouth, New Jersey


christine barath.

“Claire captured my vision in the deepest, most intuitive way, and the process felt effortless. New appointments are exploding!! I'm absolutely over the moon with my new site!!”

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coach + Yoga Teacher.

Corvallis, Oregon

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trina lange.

“Claire makes me look so good!! I love working with her! The back-and-forth between us was fun and easy. She’s amazing and really does work magic. I adore her. Can’t recommend her enough!”

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Milford, New Jersey

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renee sopko.

“The website Claire designed for me has quintupled my business. I used to worry about covering my overhead, No more. New clients say how much they love my site, and I feel it gives them more confidence in hiring me.”

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vacation rentals.

Flagstaff, Arizona


constance clark.

“Claire really 'got' me right away, and the investment has been beyond worth it. She’s a super-genius.”